In February 2019 I designed and ran a workshop at the V&A Museum, London, with James Wood. We ran the family workshop for a week in the Raphael gallery, which was open and free to the public, and was inspired by the V&A's Design, Play, Disrupt exhibit on Video Games.

In February 2019 I helped to organise and run a series of workshops and an algorave (code-generated music) in celebration of Processing Community Day in Bristol.

In early 2019 I helped to run a series of workshops for girls learning to code with Grrrl Games. The workshops are part of a project called 'Deeds not words', in celebration of 100 years since women won the right to vote. More details can be found at

In 2017 I wrote a tutorial for Adam Le Doux's tool for making small games, Bitsy. I had really lovely feedback from the Bitsy community about this, which prompted me to start running Bitsy workshops. So far I've helped run them at universities, games festivals, local game development meetups and childrens' technology events.


I gave a talk at A MAZE festival in 2018 about making games using small tools (video below!).
I've also given scientific talks throughout University, including one about clams at the Molluscan Forum at the Natural History Museum. That's right, a whole forum about molluscs.