Academically I come from a scientific background, however I have been pursuing my passion for game development in my spare time for around 8 years (starting out with art and moving into programming) and am self-taught primarily in C#, Visual Studio and using the Unity engine. I have released several side-projects and game jam entries, and currently in my spare time am working on a larger Unity project with my company 3-Fold Games as a programmer/game designer/artist.

Games Languages Tech / Science


I primarily got into game development through art, and worked on several side projects with friends during University.
I have been using Adobe Photoshop to make pixel art and other digital art as well as Blender, since then on a variety of projects. The game I am currently working on is 3D, and I have developed my skills in Blender further to create the art assets for it.
I am also interested in art such as claymation, sewing and papercraft, and particularly how they can be used within game development.


I have a varied range of presenting skills from University and from voluntary work through STEM and games workshops.
I really enjoy preparing and delivering educational and technical presentations and workshops and am trying to involve myself in as many as possible currently within games.

I have written and presented works that range from academic/technical to personal, and enjoy using my knowledge of both scientific and artistic approaches to deliver a topic. I feel that a combination of these is often (context-dependent) a really interesting way to present something that I look forward to experimenting with more.

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As well as volunteering at several games and science events, I have begun organising local events for game development. Last year I helped to run and deliver a workshop on narrative games at Bath Spa University, and am delivering a games workshop for the Bitsy game-making tool in Bristol soon for Digimakers.
I co-organised and ran the Fuse Jam, which had around 30 attendees and am currently organising the next event for this.

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