Fuse Jam

I co-founded and co-organise a game jam, the Fuse Jam (Twitter @fusejambristol), in Bristol with Alex Birke and Eriol Fox. The jam was founded from our wish for more game jams with a physical get-together to meet new people, and for a desire to experiment with the traditional jam format, particularly the theme and the way in which it can drive creativity.
We had a very successful first jam in November 2017 with around 30 people, hosted by Aardman Animation.
For our second jam in September 2018 we were hosted by DbS Music and had an exciting musical theme overall!

Alt Play Space

I run a games/playful media event Alt Play Space (Twitter @altplayspace), in Bristol with my partner, James.
We were really inspired by events such as Games Are For Everyone by We Throw Switches and wanted to run a games event that focused on non-violent, playful games that encourage creativity and collaboration.

Bristol Small Games

I run a small meetup in Bristol with my friend, Mark, which is a space for people to get together and talk about small games and small tools such as Bitsy and Twine.

If you are interested we have a mailing list sign-up page here!